For a family in need, wooden nickels could be worth a lot this Christmas. That’s because Smith Orthodontics will make a monetary donation for every wooden nickel donated between now and Dec. 6, 2021, and use that money to help a local family this holiday season. 

We hand out those wooden nickels as rewards for all your hard work during your orthodontic treatment. We’ve been proud to see so many patients cash in those wooden nickels for gift cards and other rewards. We’ve also been proud and honored by your past generosity when we’ve raised money for other projects. 

We’re asking you to help us out once again.

Project: Christmas

Christmas can be difficult for families already struggling to make ends meet. That’s where you come in. We want your wooden nickels, please. Why? Because we will provide a monetary match for every wooden nickel donated, and that money will help a local family this Christmas. 

The more wooden nickels we receive, the more money we will have to help that local family. The money will be used to purchase toys and other gifts for the family and necessities such as clothes and shoes. We’ll give the family cash to help them out and food for their holiday meals. 

We all know the struggles, so many families have endured in the last year. Many families have struggled to provide basic necessities for their children. In those cases, many families have to forego extra expenses such as Christmas celebrations.

We want to give that celebration back to a local family this year. We want that family to experience the joy of the season without having to worry about how to pay for other things. 

We’ve already seen your generosity during our Christmas in July kickoff last month. We ask that you keep it going! The more wooden nickels we get, the more donations we can provide.

Your Wooden Nickels Have Helped Before

Smith Orthodontics has held campaigns to benefit various charities and humanitarian projects for the last several years, and you have always come through for us. Your generosity in the past has changed people’s lives for the better.


Thanks to you, our patients, and families, we have purchased ovens for women forced to cook over open fires, damaging their lungs with smoke. We have dug a well and provided clean drinking water for residents in a small Ethiopian village. We worked with Joyn to train artisans and provide jobs and businesses to lift people out of poverty worldwide.  

Most recently, we’ve raised money to build a playground for Urban Preparatory Academy in Wichita. 

This time, we are raising money for another project close to home. Our campaign began with “Christmas in July” and will continue through early December, so you have plenty of time to help!

Saving Money, Helping Others

At Smith Orthodontics, we believe strongly in helping the community. It’s a philosophy that was passed down to Dr. Brian Smith from his father. 

Dr. Smith’s father founded his own practice more than 30 years ago and taught his son the importance of giving “more than just a smile.” He wanted to have an impact on his patients’ lives and passed that goal on to his son. 

Today, Dr. Smith has incorporated his father’s legacy into his own by working to transform his patients’ lives. He takes great pride in seeing how his patients want to impact the lives of others by donating their wooden nickels rather than keeping them for themselves. 

We believe that in helping you, our patients, we form a strong partnership that allows us to help others. Our wooden nickel projects are the result of that partnership.

If you’re in the Wichita, KS, area, Contact us today to see how we can help you and how you can help us help others.

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