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Giving Back

Besides just straightening teeth, we also work hard to bring hope to people who need it. One of our business goals is to commit to a different humanitarian project each year, and then invite our patients to join with us in making a difference. The partnership between our patients and our team is one of our favorite aspects of the work we do here at Smith Orthodontics.

Wooden Nickels

Smith Orthodontics will match each donated nickel with a financial contribution toward the current project.

Project: Play

Our patients are working to create a playground for Urban Preparatory Academy students in Wichita.

Past Projects

See the impact our patients have had giving back for projects like building a well in Dube Bute.

We have built water wells in Ethiopia, stoves for developing countries, trained artisans in India, and locally we’re currently working on a new playground here in an urban part of’s one of my favorite parts of the job!

Dr. Brian SmithLoves Volunteering in his Community

It's more than just 5 ¢

Wooden Nickel Program

Here’s how it works:

Patients are rewarded with wooden “nickels” for good orthodontic behavior (such as brushing, flossing, wearing rubber bands, etc.). Nickels can be spent toward a variety of gift cards — or patients can choose to donate them to our office project. Smith Orthodontics will match each donated nickel with a financial contribution toward the current project.

Giving back is a reason to smile

Project: Joyn (2017)

Smith Orthodontics recently partnered with JOYN to fund training for artisans in India for an entire year. We’re passionate about this organization because JOYN does incredible work all over the world, simultaneously supporting businesses and lifting people out of poverty by empowering some of the most marginalized populations with skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

In just 4 years, JOYN has helped local entrepreneurs establish 8 different business units, owned and managed fully by local social entrepreneurs, who employ more than 300 artisans that have been lifted up out of abuse, disease, trafficking, addiction, and begging.

We’re so proud that our patients joined us to support this amazing cause! Together, we were able to provide job training to ten artisans for a year.

Success Stories

Project: Stoves

Project: Stoves (2014)

While very few of us are affected by this issue in the United States, 3 billion people across the world struggle with it daily: the women and children who cook every meal over an open fire. Every year, 1.9 million people die from lower respiratory diseases caused by smoke – globally, it’s the #1 killer of children under five. Families also spend vast amounts of time, money and energy to gather and purchase the wood they need for fuel. Additionally, these cooking fires generate 25% of the world’s dangerous CO2 emissions, more than all global transportation-related emissions combined.

Smith Ortho patients gave 5,000 wooden nickels to fund 200 clean-burning, fuel-efficient stoves that were distributed to some of the 3 billion families who need them. These stoves are literally saving the lives of the people who use them, as well as significantly reducing hazardous gas emissions across the world.

Giving back is a reason to smile

Past Projects

Project: Water (2010-11)

The first office project that Smith Orthodontics tackled was the financing of a water well in a small village called Dube Bute (located in Ethiopia). Dr. Brian has dear friends who adopted a son from Dube Bute, and in 2010, this family launched a campaign to bring hope and practical help to the community’s extremely impoverished people. Smith Ortho and our patients came alongside this family, donating 5,000 wooden nickels ($5,000) to build a well and bring clean water to the residents of Dube Bute.

I really enjoy coming to Smith Orthodontics! Everyone is happy and smiling, and you can tell they enjoy what they do. My daughter had braces first with Dr. Smith and his team and my son is now in braces. Having braces means lots of appointments, which means getting to know the team. And they start to become like family! I would highly recommend Smith Orthodontics to my family and friends!

Keiland (and Mom, Marticha)

We could not be happier with our experience at Smith Orthodontics. Dr. Smith and his staff truly go above and beyond to make this experience a positive one. They are organized, energetic, and make every visit fun for my daughter. One of the things that really stands out to me is Dr. Smith’s heart for service and willingness to give back to the community. We would highly recommend Dr. Smith and his team to anyone!


We are so grateful for the exceptional services and care provided to our daughter the last 1 1/2 year. We appreciate your dedication, professionalism, and commitment!


Dr. Smith and his staff are absolutely amazing! They are kind, caring, and fun! Thank you Dr. Smith and staff for taking care of our family and giving us beautiful smiles!

Averie and Mom, Kristen

I love Smith’s! It’s a great experience every time I go there, everything from the staff to the location is amazing. The staff are so friendly, and they always make sure you understand what is going on with your teeth and how it is going to happen. Having braces isn’t the best, but Smith’s make sure they do everything they can to make my teeth perfect. And I always leave with a SMILE!

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