The Process


Your consultation is one of our favorite appointments. It’s the first chance you have to get to know us, and the first chance we have to get to know you!

We’ll give you a quick tour of the office, you’ll get to meet our team and then Dr. Brian will take a look at your teeth. He’ll let you know if you could benefit from braces, and if so, his suggestions on when treatment should begin (some people can immediately begin treatment while others need to wait a few months or years).

There is no pressure to make any decisions during your consultation. We’ll simply present your options and give you as much time as you need afterward to think them over. Your consultation will last about one hour.


Records Appointment

Once you’ve decided to move forward with treatment, we’ll ask you to schedule a visit so that we can take impressions, photographs and x-rays of your teeth. This appointment will last about one hour.

Dr. Brian will then use these records to create a treatment plan specifically tailored to your teeth. This plan will allow us to give you the best smile possible and will also let you know, in detail, what you can expect throughout your time with us.

Getting Braces

Usually, Dr. Brian will place your upper braces about four to six months before placing your lower braces. This allows you to gradually adjust rather than having to get used to a mouthful all at once!

Placement of your braces will involve Dr. Brian putting little brackets on each tooth and bands on your back molars. It usually takes 1 to 1.5 hours.

Before you leave, we’ll give you a goodie bag, discuss how to maintain good oral hygiene while wearing braces, and answer any questions you might have about caring for your new appliance.


After we’ve placed your braces, we’ll ask you to come in every four to six week for adjustments, sometimes called the “tightening,” of your braces. We’ll work through a series of wires that will help your teeth progress according to the treatment plan Dr. Brian created for you. Your typical appointment will last 15 to 30 minutes.

Our office will provide a reminder call the day before your scheduled appointment.

Removing Braces

Once your appliance has accomplished its job, the exciting day will come where we’ll remove your braces and you’ll get to see your new smile for the first time!

At this appointment you’ll receive a goody bag that contains some treats and a certificate for a free professional photography portrait. We’ll also take your picture as you ring the “braces off bell!”


After Dr. Brian removes your braces, we’ll take impressions of your new smile and create a retainer that will help maintain it. We ask that you come in for retainer checks once every six months.

“We have had a very positive experience at your office. All the staff are so accommodating and compassionate. Dr. Smith shows genuine interest in each patient. There is a feeling of community and Christian values that is felt as soon as one enters the office. You have been an encouragement to me and my family.”

“Thanks for being so kind, helpful and friendly. This was something that I did for myself. I appreciate the wonderful atmosphere you provided to help an “adult patient” in a kid’s world!”

“Best doctor and office staff in the world!!!! I work in the medical field and I cannot praise their skill and customer service enough.”