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Growing up, one thing I noticed about my dad was that he valued relationships. My dad loved what he did, and that's one of the reasons that I decided to pursue orthodontics.

Dr. Brian SmithOrthodontist in Wichita

Dr. Brian Smith's Father Founded the Practice in 1980

Dr. Brian Smith’s father started Smith Orthodontics back in 1980, so Dr. Brian grew up coming into the office every day and watching his father work. As a child, he saw that his father loved what he did. One of the things Dr. Smith admired most about his father was that his dad truly valued the relationships he had with his patients and their families. Seeing his dad’s passion for people lead Dr. Brian Smith to pursue orthodontics. For a very long time, it had been their dream to practice and work together.

Dr. Brian Smith Follows In His Father's Footsteps

Unfortunately, just six weeks into Dr. Brian Smith’s residency, his father was diagnosed with non-smokers lung cancer. While he was only given nine months according to the doctors, he actually sustained for two more years. Dr. Smith was able to watch his son finish his program, but sadly, he passed away the day his son graduated from his residency. While it was one of the hardest things Dr. Brian Smith had ever had to face, God was good through all of it.

Dr. Brian Smith Follows In His Father's Footsteps

Today, Dr. Brian Smith carries out his father’s legacy and provides the level of care and personal attention that his father provided all those years ago. He strives every day to do work his father would be proud of, caring not only for his patients’ smiles, but also the relationships with the patient and their families.

More Than A Smile

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