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What do you picture when you hear “orthodontic treatment?” If it’s teenagers with a mouthful of metal braces, you’re not alone in conjuring that image. Today’s orthodontics, however, isn’t limited to metal braces and definitely not limited to teenagers. More adults are getting orthodontic treatment than ever before. 

At Smith Orthodontics, we see plenty of adult patients in our practice. Some want solutions to jaw pain or sleep apnea. Others want to fix their bite issues. Others just want to build confidence by getting the straight smile they’ve always dreamed of having. Whatever your reasons, orthodontic treatment is available and can be just as effective for you as it is for your child. 

Here are five misconceptions about adult orthodontics vs. the reality of today’s treatment. 

‘I’m Too Old for Orthodontics’

Many adults think they are too old to worry about long-standing dental issues, such as an overbite or crooked teeth. Others may think orthodontics just isn’t available for adults.

The truth is, your oral health is important at any age, and treating issues is essential whether you’re 16 or 60.

Left untreated, oral issues can produce other problems further down the road — if they haven’t already. These problems include:

  • Jaw pain
  • TMJ – Temperomandibular Joint pain
  • Excessive tooth wear
  • Accelerated tooth decay
  • Head or neck pain
  • Problems chewing properly

Treating problems now can eliminate pain later, and we want to help you reduce or eliminate your oral-related pain. You’re never too old to improve your oral health!

‘My Bones Are Set, So My Teeth Won’t Move’

While it’s true that it’s easier to move teeth in younger patients, adult patients can have the same success with orthodontic treatment as teenagers. The jawbone of a child or teenager is still developing and hasn’t reached its full hardness, which makes it easier for teeth to move. As an adult, those bones are fully developed. 

Does this mean your teeth won’t move? Not at all! The gentle pressure applied by braces or clear aligners will still move your teeth. It may take slightly longer compared to treatment times for teenagers, but you’ll still get the same amazing results!

‘Orthodontic Treatment Will Take Too Long for Me’

Orthodontic treatment can indeed take a bit longer for adults, but it’s not as long as you might think. In many cases, we’re talking a matter of months, not years. 


It is a good idea to have dental and medical exams before you start orthodontic treatment. This is particularly true of older adults because we have to ensure your bones are strong enough for treatment. Tooth decay or osteoporosis (weakening of bones) can complicate treatment. However, it doesn’t mean treatment is out of the question. 

We will work with your dentist and physician to figure out the best course of treatment for you.

‘I Don’t Want to Be an Adult With a Mouthful of Metal’

Some adult patients feel self-conscious about the idea of having traditional metal braces. Good news! Today’s treatment options aren’t limited to stainless steel. 

Many of our adult patients opt for treatment with clear aligners, such as Invisalign or 3M Clarity, both of which we offer. These clear trays provide the same results as traditional braces but with less time and a lot less visibility. 

We also offer Clarity ceramic braces. Like traditional metal braces, these feature ceramic brackets that are translucent and closer to the color of your teeth, making them more difficult to see. 

Of course, if you don’t mind the look, we offer traditional metal braces featuring the “Alexander bracket.” These braces provide more movement control in less time than the braces you may remember from childhood.  

‘It’s Too Difficult to Get Orthodontics at My Age’

At Smith Orthodontics, we make it easy to get the care you need at any age! If you live in the Wichita, KS, area, you can start by scheduling an in-office consultation online. We’ll review your information and get back to you to set up an in-person evaluation. It’s a simple, free, no-obligation process. 

If you choose to pursue adult orthodontic treatment, you can rest assured that you won’t be alone. The patients here at Smith Orthodontics receive exceptional care at any age. We can’t wait to welcome you into our family!

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