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Are you running out of activities to do with your kids?

School has been out for at least a week. Have you run out of things to do with your kids? Are you trying to stretch their minds while you try not to lose yours? We’ve got some ideas for you that you may not have tried. We hope you find them helpful as we navigate this COVID-19 thing together!

Don't worry we got you covered!

#1 Do some weather oriented experiments.
Who doesn’t want to try and make a tornado? There are tons of experiments you can do with your kids that are weather related or you can learn about natural disasters when you’re done with that. This site has all kinds of activities for learning about the weather.

#2 Watch animals on live webcams.
Want to see some walruses lying around on the beach making weird noises? You can see some underwater webcams that will show you some sharks as well. You can find any number of live wildlife videos online. It may lead to questions and you searching out the answers alongside your kids!

#3 Try your hand at making some paper structures.
Want to see if you can build a structure sturdy enough to bear the weight of a bunch of pennies? This site will guide you and your kids as you try to engineer some fun designs. Afterwards, your kids can use them to play with their action figures.

#4 Check out these 12 museums and enjoy virtual tours.
You can use this site to help you navigate to one of a dozen different art museums and check out some of the most famous art in the world. If there is a painting or structure your child is particularly interested in, open a new tab and search for more information about the artist and the piece itself.

But wait! There's More!

#5 Learn something new (or get help with something old) with Kahn Academy.
If your child is old enough to have homework and it’s been a hot minute since you’ve done fractions, you can use Kahn Academy to brush up. Or, you can pick a new subject and learn as much as you can about it.

#6 Learn about nature with National Geographic Kids.
Being stuck inside, especially if it’s been raining, can get a little monotonous. National Geographic Kids gives you the tools you need to explore the world around you from inside the house. 

#7 Learn a new language together.
Pick a country you and your kids would like to visit, see what language they speak, and use an app like Duolingo to learn the rudimentary words and grammar of that language. You might be surprised at how much you can pick up and speak with each other.

These are just a few ideas you can use to keep you and your family from going crazy while cooped up indoors. Let us know what your favorite activity is even if it’s not on this list!

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