The first office project that Smith Orthodontics tackled was the financing of a water well in a small village called Dube Bute (located in Ethiopia). Dr. Brian has dear friends who adopted a son from Dube Bute, and in 2010, this family launched a campaign to bring hope and practical help to the community’s extremely impoverished people. Smith Ortho and our patients came alongside this family, donating 5,000 wooden nickels ($5,000) to build a well and bring clean water to the residents of Dube Bute.

While very few United States citizens are affected by this issue, 3 billion people across the world deal with it daily: the women and children who cook every meal over an open fire. Every year, 1.9 million die from lower respiratory diseases caused by smoke – globally, it’s the #1 killer of children under five. Families also spend vast amounts of time, money and energy to gather and purchase the wood they need for fuel. Additionally, these cooking fires generate 25% of the world’s dangerous CO2 emissions, more than all global transportation-related emissions combined.

Smith Ortho patients gave 5,000 wooden nickels to fund 200 clean burning, fuel-efficient stoves that were distributed to some of the 3 billion families who need them. These stoves are literally saving the lives of the people who use them, as well as significantly reducing hazardous gas emissions across the world.

“We have had a very positive experience at your office. All the staff are so accommodating and compassionate. Dr. Smith shows genuine interest in each patient. There is a feeling of community and Christian values that is felt as soon as one enters the office. You have been an encouragement to me and my family.”

“Best doctor and office staff in the world!!!! I work in the medical field and I cannot praise their skill and customer service enough.”

“Thanks for being so kind, helpful and friendly. This was something that I did for myself. I appreciate the wonderful atmosphere you provided to help an “adult patient” in a kid’s world!”